Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Woodhouse Chocolate's Caramel Helenas

OMG: Woodhouse's Milk Chocolate Caramel Helenas 

Dare I say it, there's no way to correctly describe these tasty things than to so eloquently say.. OMG.

Seriously. If perfection had a name, it would be Helena. I walked into a pretty little chocolate store called Woodhouse Chocolate in St.Helena while on a chocolate crawl in San Francisco last month, completely unaware that I would meet one of the best chocolates I've had in my life.

So I walk in, doing what I usually do—gawk at the chocolate truffles and ask the girl behind the counter some questions. I ask her for the bestseller in the store. She takes me to a corner where these things—these humble, so easy-to-miss, completely unassuming chocolates called caramel Helenas—sit in a beautiful box of four. "People come all the way here just to buy them," she said. Naturally, I was sold. But what are they?

This hot little number sports chewy caramel flanked between two almond crisps and a rich milk chocolate coating. Sinking your teeth in it immediately introduces a melange of textures—crispy, sticky, ridiculously chewy. The top is sprinkled delicately with fleur de sel, which I'm not usually a big fan of, but the harmony of flavors is so on point, so exact, it's like hitting the sweet money spot in a song.

Helena, I think I might just go lesbian on you.


- Kris Alcantara

Some exciting news coming your way. I'm giving away Ghirardelli Chocolate! Watch out for it.

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