Monday, April 19, 2010

No-Bake Mondays: Cheesecake Ice Cream Sandwich

Save stale cookies! Pimp them out with ice cream.

I had leftover Chips Ahoy laying around the house but they weren't sealed too well. Alas, the cookies were hard and tasted kind of stale and dry. What was a no-baker to do? Make an ice cream sandwich!

I've been craving cheesecake ever since I had that slice from Junior's so I upped the ante with a cream cheese filling. It was okay when I had them at room temp... but when I had them frozen? Divine!

No-Bake Mondays: Cheesecake Ice Cream Sandwich
Makes 4 sandwiches
In Minutes 10

What You Need
8 Chips Ahoy Cookies, Chewy
1/4 cup cream cheese, whipped
3 tbsp confectioners sugar
1/4 tsp vanilla

How to Make It
1. Mix cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla in a bowl.
2. Spoon it on the bottom of cookie (flatter surface). Place another cookie on top. 
3. Enjoy in room temperature, or freeze them for two hours for a cool treat.

Soft cookies harden when they're exposed to air (duh) but you can easily rectify the situation with a wet paper towel and a microwave. Wrap the cookies in a wet paper towel and microwave on high for about 20 minutes--they should be soft as new. OR, make this recipe.

How else can you save a stale cookie? Check out this nifty trick from Baking Bites.

It's been a crazy couple of weeks and I have some surprises planned for the big anniversary.. but today, I'm enjoying a very lazy Monday.

Happy Monday, you!

- Kris Alcantara