Friday, April 23, 2010

Candy Wonderland on Rivington St.

Damn straight, lunchbox.

I have no words for this place. Just awe. Wide-eyed, wistful, child-like awe.

This candy mecca on the Lower East Side called Economy Candy has the grandest collection of old time candies I've ever seen. The store was packed when I walked in. Packed with kids, and moms, and grandmas. They sell gumballs by the pound, and Pez, and giant Pixie sticks. They have gummy bears the size of fists (I kid you not) and, oh i don't know, a jillion jelly beans. The sugar stretches out from floor to ceiling, wall after wall—you get a toothache passing by this store. But if you want candy on the cheap, this is where it's at. Get ready for a nostalgia attack (and don't forget to brush your teeth).

They've been open since 1937. That's a long time for a candy store.

I remember these! Do you?

One day I hope somebody  starts selling gummies by the color. I call red.

Candy-lovin knows no age.
I like this rule.
That Elvis Pez creeps me out.

Jaw breakers! Good candy, bad movie.

Economy Candy
(800) 352-4544
108 Rivington St
New York, NY

What's your favorite old-time candy?

Coming soon: Meet Brooklyn Baker Allison Kave and her award-winning pies!


  1. Aww, I lived in an apartment along Rivington for a month after grad. I miss! S&R sells pixie sticks. I love them. :D

  2. I love the lower east side.. so many cheap food stops :) Come back!!

  3. Yes! Is Creperie (I think that's the name) still around? It was just around the corner from the apartment, on Ludlow, I think. Nutella crepes! <3

  4. YES! I have a picture of myself there eating a banana-nutella crepe! Lets go there when you get here :)