Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chocolate of Choice: Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

Jewelry designer Jessy de Borja says heaven is dark chocolate ice cream

Name Jessy de Borja
Location Hong Kong
Occupation Dear Bearcat jewelry designer, freelance travel writer
Chocolate of Choice Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

"Dark chocolate has always been my most favourite kind of chocolate. Ice cream is also a big temptation, so the two of them put together is my idea of heaven. Sure, i love brownies and sour candies, but nothing compares to a healthy scoop of dark chocolate ice cream. There's an ice cream shop in Hong Kong and Singapore called 'awfully chocolate' that has the best dark chocolate ice cream I've ever tasted. it's light and satisfying without being too sweet and overwhelming--almost like frozen dark chocolate shavings. If i could, I'd have a scoop of that everyday!"

- Jessy, Hong Kong
Take a peek at her her funky fashion blog, I Want Always Gets, or check out her Dear Bearcat jewelry line on Etsy (that octopus necklace she's wearing is on sale!).

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