Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kinder Chocolate Bonbons and Creepy Humpty Dumpty

Kinder Schokolade, you're such a tease.

This little guy is from Germany, and you know how they make chocolate round those parts (hint: phenomenally), giving birth to pop kids like Ritter Sport, Milka, Sarotti, and so on. Not the least bit high brow, Kinder is your typical boy-next-door chocolate that can woo you in torn jeans and greasy Chucks. The packaging (note Kinder Surprise Egg video below) may be marketed to the younger set, but this is the kind of hottie chocolate cougars drool over.

The Schoko-bons, sporting a mini-egg physique covered in milk chocolate and filled with crushed hazelnuts, is tempting in size and taste. I like bite-sized chocolate because I can tell myself "oh, I'll just have one" without feeling too bad about snacking on sugar in the middle of the night (...and that's how I fell asleep with chocolate in my mouth one time). The bonbon is an orgy of sweet sensations—creamy, milky, nutty. There's a crunch somewhere in there too. There's just no way, no way, you can eat just one. And I know the Kinder gods must be laughing somewhere, because they knew this would happen all along.

- Kris Alcantara

psCheck out this Kinder Surprise Egg commercial from the 80s starring Humpty Dumpty (or is that his weird cousin?). Kinder, I love you, but this was just plain creepy.


  1. I love this post :) Kris Alcantara, you are a chocolate covered queen and everyone wants to eat you.

  2. Awww thanks love! This post wouldn't be possible without you. Thanks for sending some chocolate love my way.. Nom nom nom.