Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chocolate News: Cocoa Cure for Migraine

Tableya Chocolate Cake. Made with hardcore chocolate.

Have a headache? Eat chocolate!

A recent study conducted by Missouri State University shows that chocolate "represses inflammatory responses linked to migraine." Tested on rats, results show that a cocoa-enriched diet increases anti-inflammatory compounds and decreases pro-inflammatory responses in the brain.

In simple English: adding chocolate to your diet might help fight migraines (contrary to rumors that chocolate causes migraine, hah!). Isn't that cool? Read the news report here. Did I not say chocolate is the answer to everything? Can you tell I love being right about this?

One of the best chocolate cakes I've had, ever, was at a coffeeshop in Manila called Cordillera Coffee (see photo above). I was working on a story about local Arabica coffee grown in the Benguet mountains when they gave me a slice of chocolate cake to try. Made from unsweetened, homemade, totally badass cocoa tablets called tableyas, the cake flaunted a moist consistency similar to a rice cake, but not nearly as heavy. Sidenote: Tableyas are used to make uber-rich homemade hot chocolate; the thick, full-bodied kind that gets its bold flavor from cocoa beans. It was fantastic.

Speaking of hot chocolate, check out this HowCast video on how to make homemade hot chocolate.. and none of that Swiss Miss crap (I added that).


- Kris Alcantara

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