Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Chocolate Bacon Bar: Have you met?

Chocolate Bacon Bar from Vosges: love it or hate it

Yesterday, a chocolate bar made me swoon.

I've had a mad crush on chocolate-covered bacon since I first blogged about it a few months ago. But since I haven't gotten around to making it, the next best thing was Mo's Bacon Bar by Vosges (pronounced "Voujsh"), a luxury chocolate brand that lords over chocolate companies. And by lording, I mean it's like Chocolate Valentino (or Prada, whatever translates as high fashion)! Without hesitation, I plucked it out of the chocolate aisle in Whole Foods despite the $8/bar price tag.

Vosges Haut-Chocolat was founded by sexy chef/chocolatier and Le Cordon Bleu-alum Katrina Markoff. Just like the rest of us, she fell in love with chocolate at an early age. The beginnings of this peculiar chocolate flavor can be traced to her breakfast table as a little girl, when she enjoyed eating syrup-drenched chocolate chip pancakes with a side of bacon.

Anyway. So I ripped into the box and took a bite. Cautiously, at first. And then I swear I could've blushed. The bacon flavor makes its presence felt, not only in taste but in aroma. And mind you, it's not just any bacon. Vosges uses applewood smoked bacon, which charms the concoction with a caramelized flavor of sorts. The slightly salty aftertaste, not the least bit overwhelming, was just enough to leave a intriguing taste lingering on my tongue.

The chocolate itself is topnotch—-deep milk chocolate with exciting bits of bacon that crunch like nuts when you bite 'em. It's like the sweet and savory married each other, and it's a honeymoon in my mouth. They tease, flirt, satisfy. Oh, boy.

I'm smitten.

- Kris Alcantara


If you like mixing salty with sweet, here's another one for you to try Lindt's New Sea Salt Chocolate. Check it out!

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