Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chocolate of Choice: Chocolate Lava

MTV maven Anuya Jakatdar raves about chocolate lava

Name Anuya Jakatdar
Location Mumbai, India
Occupation Assistant Manager, Digital, MTV India
Chocolate of Choice Candies' Chocolate Lava

It's called Chocolate Lava, from an adorable place called Candies in the suburb of Bandra, Mumbai.  It's flaky at the top and all melty within. You feel like a child eating chocolate for the first time, and you'll also look like one when you're done; it will be smeared all over your face, and probably on the tip of your nose. You won't even stop to clean, it's that delicious. Especially with some vanilla ice cream...

- Anuya, 23, India 

Psst, make it at home!  
..Speaking of such awesomeness, Alton Brown of Good Eats has a sweet chocolate lava muffin recipe you should get your hands on. It scored 5-star reviews from the Food Network crowd! Curious? - Kris

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