Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In the Name of Fashion Week

Sore throat gone and back in business.

First on the agenda: perfect cookie round-up. From freshly-baked to store-bought, I was seduced by three very different cookies. It was tough picking a favorite but somebody won me over completely.

Watch 'em strike a pose.

My Cookie Fashion Show

Byrd Cookie Company's Red Velvet Cupcake Cookies

Chocolate Walnut Chewies from Whole Foods

Momofuku's Cornflake-Marshmallow-Chocolate Chip Cookie

See which one stole my heart in the full post!

Wait for it.

- Kris Alcantara
(remember me?)

Today's Sugarhigh: Pink Berry with Mochi and Strawberry (Thanks, Kat)
Score: A (*slow clap*)

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