Monday, August 24, 2009

Y-E-S to NO-BAKE (fantastic fridge cakes)

I have a soft spot for no-bake cake recipes.

I have an even softer spot for desserts that can be ready in minutes (some call it impatience). Last night, I bastardized a Nigella recipe in a desperate attempt to make a mango refrigerator cake--without cream, condensed milk, or mangoes. Tita Mimi, my chef du jour aunt (and Julia Child of my heart) insisted I could still make it with whipped cream, vanilla yogurt, and leftover dried mangoes. And so I dared.

Voila--a healthier version of the fridge cake recipe--ready in 10 minutes! The yogurt lends itself nicely to the graham cracker crust and bits of dried mango make a chewy surprise. Sooo good you'll lick the bowl (I did). I am the No-Bake Queen.

Want the recipe? Leave a comment and I'll think about it.

Other refrigerator cakes you might want to try: Strawberry Refrigerator Cake or Old-Fashioned Chocolate Refrigerator Cake.

Show Me: See how simple it is from this Kraft youtube video.

Nigella, don't hate me.

- Kris Alcantara
(remember me?)

Today's Sugarhigh: Vanilla Yogurt and Bananas
Score: B+


  1. ohhh!!! I would love the recipe :) Send her on ova!!

  2. love to! thanks rhiannon. you should know that your blog is one of my inspirations.

  3. kris! i looooove no-bake desserts too :) it's great that you included it here in your blog... um, on that note, can I have the recipe for this healthy version of mango refrigerator cake? :) we're friends right, hehe. --mabel