Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Flirting with Toffee

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I'm a sucker for good deals.

Give me a good discount, I'll buy it. Tell me it's free, even better. So when my CPK Adventure Card came in the mail the other day my heart skipped.

The only reason why I signed up for it was to get my hands on their new Sticky Toffee Cake. This bad boy has caramelized pears, roasted pecans, butter sauce, and a scoop of ice cream. And not just any ice cream, Haagen-Dazs ice cream. Rowrrrr. Doesn't it sound absolutely sexy? If it had a personal ad on Craiglist I would be typing up a flirtatious e-mail by now.

The card is free and I get 20% off all the new items on the menu. Here's hoping that sweet thing lives up to this unsolicited hype. (Are you reading this, CPK? Maybe you want to send some thanks my way. I like pizza too.) Wait for my verdict.

If you want something NOW and completely free, sign up for a Godiva Membership Card. They give you free chocolate every month! Have you tried Free Chocolate Fridays yet? Get on it.

Soon, my Sticky Tofee Cake, soon. Can't wait to see you. XOXO.

- Kris Alcantara
(remember me?)

Today's Sugarhigh: Andes Mint Chocolate
Score: B

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