Friday, September 10, 2010

Meet My Cool Summer Flings

Summer fling (n): a brief, casual relationship; something light and fun-filled. Usually not exclusive to one person, ends in a mutual agreement of friendship.

I've shamelessly flirted with far too many frozen desserts this summer, and only one of them was chocolate! I'm talking weekly visits to Lula's Apothecary in June, happy hours at Pink Berry in July, and consistent consumption of melon-flavored popsicles from an Asian grocery in August. Did I mention I'm not an ice cream person? These cold indulgences happen strictly during the summer time, hence I call them my summer flings. 

1. Pineapple Dole Whip Ice Cream
Honolulu, Hawaii... and notoriously at Disneyland Parks

Non-dairy and 90 calories? Sold. A Hawaii original before it was adopted by the Disney clan, this soft-serve ice cream has a subtle citrus taste and a creamy finish. Light, refreshing, addictive. And if Youtube videos count for something, Dole Whip has been known to cause intense, unexplainable desires to recreate the flavor and make it at home.

Pineapple Dole Whip Ice Cream

2. Yogurtland
 Located in various states in the US including New York, Hawaii, and California

My Yogurtland creation: tangy mango yogurt with chewy mochi and popping boba

I consider Yogurtland the new school of frozen yogurt. Hot in the heels of similar fro-yo chains like Pink Berry and Red Mango, this yogurt stands out with DIY servings. Meaning you can pile on multiple flavors (and even pull the lever yourself), toppings and pay per pound. My favorite new topping: the "popping" bobas (like bubble tea "bobas" but they burst in your mouth). It's a trip.

3. Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream
Mobile Ice Cream Truck, New York City

Arguably one of the most elusive and most sought-after ice cream trucks in Manhattan, Van Leeuwen dishes out organic, artisanal ice cream. The Gianduja flavor spoils you with chocolate from Michel Cluizel at $4 a cup. Other interesting flavors include Pistachio, Ginger, and Red Currant.

Leeuwen's Gianduja Organic Ice Cream with Michel Cluizel Chocolate
Is it just me, or did summer go by way too fast this year?

- Kris Alcantara


  1. i love ypgurtland too! i think they're better than pink berry and red mango

  2. hey ina, i gotta say i was impressed but pink berry still has my heart because of their yummy mochi balls :)