Friday, August 20, 2010

Chocolate of Choice: Twix Caramel Cookie Bar

 L.A. blogger Carren Jao and her fiance Carlos Pineda sharing a Twix Caramel Cookie Bar. Sweet!

Name Carren Jao
Hometown Manila, Philippines
Occupation Job-hunter, L.A. blogger
Chocolate of Choice Twix Caramel Cookie Bar

I'm actually not much of a caramel fan, but Twix found the perfect kind of caramel sweet for me. The added biscuit crunch at the end is also very satisfying. The best thing about it? It's made for sharing. Sending you a picture of me and my fiance, Carlos Pineda, sharing the same Twix.

- Carren, Los Angeles
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Chocolate IS meant for sharing! 

What's your favorite chocolate? Send me a picture of you and your chocolate BFF at for a chance to be published on the blog. It'll be fun! - Kris
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