Monday, March 29, 2010

Preview: A Bay Area Chocolate Crawl

I'm at war with my laptop today (and the Internet gods are not on my side either) so here I am, blogging live from a Mac store!

Today I bring you a preview of my San Francisco Chocolate Crawl. I went to three very different chocolate stores while I was there last week and brought home bags of chocolate "for research." I was a total chocolate snob picking out these three stops, meaning they are all hardcore gourmet, artisanal, and uber high-end. That's how I roll.

Chocolate Covered, Noe Valley
4069 24th St. San Francisco, CA

Woodhouse Chocolate, Napa Valley
1367 Main Street, St.Helena, CA

Christopher Elbow Chocolate
Hayes St., San Francisco, CA 

Stay tuned. 

- Kris Alcantara

No-Bake Mondays should be up soon, as soon as my sweet little laptop decides to cooperate.


  1. You were in my hood?! AWESOME. I love St. Helena, but I had no idea there was a chocolate store (boutique? purveyor? artisan studio?) there. Leave it to Kris.

  2. Chocolate (like love) is everywhere! You have a very yummy hood, Nina. Now how about that chocolate picture? :)