Friday, February 5, 2010

Chocolate and I New York 2010

Chocolate, no one loves you like i do.

How sweet it is to be in New York!

See, Manhattan and I, we don't always see eye-to-eye on things (i.e. skyrocketing prices and mythical parking spots downtown). Next week, however, my love-hate relationship with this crazy little city will be tipped into full-blown L-O-V-E—not because it's Valentine's Day—because NYC is paying a special tribute to my sexy sweetheart: chocolate!

Chocolate and I New York is an annual gourmet chocolate appreciation extravaganza (i.e. chocolate heaven) that brings together chocolatiers, chocolate experts, chocoholics, cacao growers (and "cacao alchemists"), dessert chefs, food lovers, art enthusiasts, and just about anyone who has ever been taken by the so-called "food of love." And I'm very, very, excited to be part of it this year. I'm a volunteer and I'm doing it for L-O-V-E. 

The fun starts on Monday, Feb. 8 and there's a lot of chocolate-y things going on (see list of events here). I'm pretty excited about chocolate pairings (chocolate and sake, anyone?), chocolate tastings by premier chocolatiers (hello, Michel Cluizel!), and meeting WD-50's Alex Stupak! The event runs all week, all the way up to the Hearts Day on the 14th. Quickly, here's the info:

Chocolate and I New York, Feb 8 - 14, 2010
511 W. 25 Street
between 10th and 11th ave.
New York, NY 10001

If you're in the area, drop by and say hi!

- Kris Alcantara


  1. Damn it, Kris. That's like my dream event. Haha Have fun and eats lots of chocolate! :D

  2. Hahaha you know it! Come! I'm so excited :) :)

  3. Cool! I'll visit! What times are you going to be there on Thurs?

  4. Thank you Kris for supporting our event!

    Please come by and meet the 'Chocolate & I, New York' team... of course also to taste some excellent chocolate :)

  5. Hey Carren,

    I might not be able to make it there Thursday cause I've work that night but I think you'll really enjoy it because it's art night! I'll be there Friday to see Alex Stupak of WD-50 at 7 :)

  6. You're very welcome, Sue! I really enjoyed the Chocolate Tea Party last night with Judy and Katie. I'll see you this weekend :)

  7. Wish I could go, have other plans for Valentines day, but bookmaked for future NY chocolate events!

  8. Great to hear from you Roxanne! Your site just made my mouth water. Arrrrr. I have a feeling you would enjoy CINY tremendously :)