Monday, February 15, 2010

Behind The Scenes at Chocolate and I New York

We got our hands dirty at Chocolate and I New York 2010

Chocolate is a magical word.

By nature, it brings people together. From laborious beginnings mapped out by cacao farmers (the often-forgotten heroes of this sweet world), to artisan chocolatiers who have made chocolate-making a legit art form, to chocolate lovers (like yours truly) whose hearts have been stolen forever—love for chocolate seems to be as universal as love itself.

WD-50's Pastry Chef Alex Stupak (and a slightly starstruck dessert fan)

The White Chocolate Room and Chocolate Art by Ema

French Culinary Institute's Dave Arnold and Alex Stupak's Chocolate Pairing

Sampling chocolate from a chocolate time machine (yes, there was one)

Pastry Chef Alex Stupak plates up a storm

CINY Founder Virginie Delavaud and NY Chocolatier Roni Sue

Shoutout to Virginie, Scott, Marco, and the rest of the CINY team for a fantasmic chocolate celebration!

Due to a mad Valentine's week and excessive chocolate-eating, No-Bake Mondays is postponed to next Monday. This chocoholic is staying in bed today.

- Kris Alcantara

A very special thank you to Phillip Tsai for the awesome photos!

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