Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chocolate of Choice: Valhrona Milk Choco-Hazelnut Tart

Chocoholic Kriska Joaquin shares her favorite chocolate... of the week.

Name Kriska Joaquin
Hometown/Location Manila, Philippines
Occupation Med Student, Dancer
Her Chocolate of Choice Valhrona Milk Choco-Hazelnut Tart from Sonja's Cupcakes

Well this was my one of my birthday treats, and its my favorite chocolate of the week. I am married to chocolate, but to several of them. This one in particular, is a favorite because it suits my everyday mood swings- it is sweet, a little bitter, nutty and caramelized (just like your average girl). If you need to know what's in it (if the name isn't a giveaway enough) - Milk chocolate-hazelnut cream in a chocolate sweet tart crust topped with dark chocolate glaze and caramelized hazelnut.

- Kriska, 23, Manila

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