Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chocolate of Choice: Hershey's Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter

Blogger Katie Nowak pairs chocolate with peanut butter

Name Katie Nowak
Hometown/Location Rochester, NY
Occupation Freelance writer/editor, blogger at
Catch the Sparks
Chocolate of Choice Hershey’s milk chocolate bar and peanut butter

I’m an equal opportunity dessert lover, so this was a tough decision. I’m a huge fan of blueberry pie, or pie of any sort, really, especially when topped with a dollop of whipped cream or a scoop of French vanilla ice cream. But when it comes to simplicity, and the feeling of complete, total satisfaction both during and post consumption, the combination of Hershey’s and peanut butter wins every time. 

I love peanut butter on anything and everything – with jam, bananas, even tuna fish when I was younger – but nothing beats pairing it with those perfect little rectangles. Something about snapping apart the bar and smothering each individual section with PB gives me endless pleasure.

Maybe it’s the control I can take over this dessert. I choose how much PB, how many rectangles. I can bargain with myself if I’m feeling guilty about how much I’ve eaten. “It’s just one more rectangle,” I’ll tell myself. Then, “It’s just a block of three.” Pretty soon, “It’s only half the bar.” Then the bar is gone. Oops.

Alright, so it’s actually pretty difficult to control. Deliciousness can have that effect. Let’s look at this tasty treat another way, then: there’s minimal effort involved. For someone who can be a bit of a miserable monster when baking doesn’t go my way (like when I attempted raspberry-white chocolate-almond bars at my boyfriend’s hand mixer-free apartment this weekend), the ease of snap, spread, pop in my mouth is heaven.

There are many classic couples out there: ice cream and sprinkles, pancakes and syrup, cookies and milk. But for me, chocolate and peanut butter is the sweetest marriage of them all.

- Katie, 24, New York 
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  1. The other day I melted Hershey Kisses and a scoop of peanut butter in the microwave. Not enough to turn it into dessert soup, just enough to blend the two. Then I put it in the fridge. The peanut butter kept it soft, so it was like a big blob of fudge. MMMMM!!!

  2. Like lazy man's fudge... that is genius! It could be a no-bake story... how bout it SJ? :) How did your chocolate log go?