Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chocolate of Choice: Ghirardelli's Dark Chocolate with Mint

Wedding Photographer Megan Lange chomps on minty Ghirardelli squares

Name Megan Lange
Location / Hometown Muskegon, MI
Occupation Wedding Photographer
Her Chocolate of Choice Ghirardelli's Dark Chocolate with White Mint Filling

Since I can only pick one (?!)...Ghiradelli's Dark Chocolate with White Mint Filling always cures my chocolate craving.  These are best stored in the freezer and enjoyed for an after-dinner snack...or any time of the day.  I love these chocolate squares because they are the perfect balance of something sweet and refreshing (and I don't feel bad eating it because it is dark chocolate haha).

- Megan, 22

Check out her wicked wedding portfolio at Lime Green Photography. It's crazy gorgeous!

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