Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Heart Chocolate: Food Blogger Jen Ward Shares Her Favorite Chocolate

Fresh Cracked Pepper's Jen Ward with the handsome Michel Cluizel

Her Chocolate of Choice Michel Cluizel's Mangaro/Madagascar bar

This bar changed the way I think about chocolate. It was introduced to me by someone who's so thoroughly geeked out on the stuff that Hershey (and even some of the other big players) have become dirty words. My mentor, together with the French chocolatier responsible for such pleasure, revealed chocolate's depth and complexity to me. It was like moving from Baby Duck to a good pinot, from Kraft parmesan in plastic to Reggiano. With its $7-$10 price tag, this bar taught me that when it comes to quality, a little will go a very long way.

The cacao beans used in this single-origin bar are grown on a former mango tree plantation. The result is an incredibly earthy smooth chocolate with a honey-like texture. With a 65% cacao content, this bar delivers that pleasing dark-chocolate-bitterness with just the right amount of creamy-sweetness. It also received a gold star from the Guild of Fine Food at the UK's 2008 Great Taste Awards.' 

- Jen
  Journalist, editor and food blogger at Fresh Cracked Pepper   
What's your favorite dessert? 

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  1. ...mmm best chocolate ever.

  2. No, thank YOU Jen! Must try Madagascar Bar soon. I still have to thank you for introducing me to Vosges.