Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chocolate of Choice: Kinder Schokolade

Travel Writer FSY says Kinder Schokolade is Better Than Sex

Name FSY
Location / Hometown Buenos Aires, Argentina
Occupation Journalist
Her Chocolate of Choice Kinder Schokolade
That little box that I’m holding there is empty. Why? Because as soon as I bought the thing, the contents of it were devoured within minutes. I suppose “devour” is the wrong word because you don’t eat Kinder Schokolade. It enters your mouth, like most foods, with the exception that when it does, a miracle occurs. That’s right, I said a miracle, that thing most people associate with Jesus I associate with Kinder. It enters and suddenly dissolves immediately into a warm thick ocean of butter, cocoa, and milk, just cascading around in your mouth until it’s gone and your fingers are stuck in that little box reaching for another one, undressing it like a lover and repeating the experience until there are none left. 

Kinder is not chocolate, it is an experience, like falling in love, like watching the sun rise out of the ocean at dawn, like kissing the hottest man you have ever seen. Yeah, it’s sexual, but then again most good things in life are. Kinder Schokolade is better than sex and the company that owns it is Italian, what else can I say? Delicious chocolate, sex, and Italians. Go buy some. 

-Feride, travel writer and blogger
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  1. Great to see another Newhouser on here! Kinder (and Rittersport) fueled my journey through Europe years ago. So nostalgic.