Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Did you go to Gourmet's funeral?

 Gourmet Magazine 1960 - 2009. Photo courtesy of

How do you say good-bye to an old friend?

Well, in style! Food writer/editor Renee Schettler launched last Tuesday, one day after Conde Nast announced the food magazine's ill fate. The website documents kind and not so kind words (a tweet on October 5th: "Let me get this straight: Gourmet is dead, yet Sandra Lee still has a magazine? Got it." Yow!) from people bound by a great loss in the food world.  

And so Renee chooses to say good-bye with a bang (btw, you might recognize her name from The Washington Post, Real Simple and Martha Stewart Living). In an e-mail she sent to me, she confesses she has been "woo'd by the pages of Gourmet" at 14, when she first opened the magazine. 

"I simply wanted to do something to help everyone shift their attention from what we're about to lose to all that we'd already gained over the past many years," she said.  

Visit the website and see what people are saying. Find comfort in other people's stories, or maybe share your own. The site is shaping up to be an awesome eulogy for yet another magazine on its way to magazine heaven (or is it hell?).

Gourmet, you will be missed, horribly.

- Kris Alcantara

ps if you're one of those who gets a kick out of the eternal online vs print debate, this Gawker article might interest you.

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